Yonkers IDA program provides ‘Pathways’ to career in booming construction field

The nonprofit Pathways to Apprenticeship (P2A) is already gearing up for the anticipated January launch of its next training course in Yonkers designed to put young people on a career course in the construction industry. Not too long ago, on the fourth floor of the Yonkers Parking Authority building in the city’s downtown during a humid August afternoon, Herlema Owens was instructing a group of about 10 Yonkers residents on safely utilizing power tools.

On the other side of the room, Duane Townes leads a similar size group through a lesson on measurements using wooden square blocks.

The room hosts 20 students total, the first cohort for the Yonkers Pathways to Apprenticeship, a program launched this past summer in an effort to connect the city’s unemployed or underemployed young residents with careers in the building trades.

Called P2A for short, the 25-day program prepares its students for direct entry into paid union apprenticeships in building trades that put each student on the path to become, among other careers, laborers, carpenters and electricians.

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