P2A is planning to run a class in October. Due to COVID there will be blended learning programs. Add your email on our site to get updates about information sessions and applications as they become available.

What We Do


P2A provides information to community organizations throughout New York City about union construction industry opportunities and, with its community partners, recruits and mentors individuals from low-income communities throughout New York City for union construction industry apprenticeships.

P2A assists individuals from low-income communities with the application process for union construction industry apprenticeships, including navigation of on-line or in person registration and resume and interview preparation.

P2A conducts a Pre-Apprenticeship Program that trains apprenticeship candidates to be job ready for the union construction industry, covering review of required work habits, basic workforce skills, conflict management, financial literacy, and the benefits and expectations of union membership.

P2A works with public officials, unions, and other civic partners to bolster and increase union apprenticeship opportunities.